Optimal Route to Every RI Dunkin'

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The closest path to every Dunkin' in the state from 3 specific locations. From the center of the state, the state airport and the state house in Providence. Through using pandas and requests to query GraphHopper Routing API locally.

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RI Bills Held for Further Study

Bills in Rhode Island face a big hurdle, making it out of committee and not being "Held for Further Study". Once a bill is introduced and sent to committee, the first vote it recieves is whether or not it should be "Held for Further Study". A bill held for further study is indefinitely postpone, however can be considered again by the committee.

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Fact-Checking The Ripple Effect

"The Ripple Effect" is a campaign by RIDOT to highlight the damages caused not only to a drunk driver, but the effects on others due to the poor choices made by a drunk driver. This looks at a few of the metrics stated in the web graphic and checks them against the FARS dataset.

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