Why Rhode Island?

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The most obvious reason is being from Rhode Island I noticed an effort of Open Data but not really finding anything made with it. I try to graph as much public information I can find. It's interesting and gives me a reason to pay attention to local news/politics.

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Rhode Island Payroll FY2017

Curious about who has the largest salaries or which department has the most employees? Perhaps you were wondering which department had the most terminations or hired the most in 2017. This is a breakdown of how I went about visualizing the RI payroll information for FY2017.

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RI School Repairs

If your from Rhode Island you've probably heared about the 2.2 billion needed for repairs of the states public schools. 70% of which are in poor or worse condition. This ammount is by no means to turn our learning centers luxurious, infact it won't even cover the next 5 years.

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