RI House & Senate Floor Votes

This notebook will take a look at how many votes occur each year, when the session ends and how many votes occur in the final days of a session compared to the year as a whole for both the House and Senate.

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RI Bills by Sponsors Party and Outcome

Its no secret that Rhode Island's legislature leans overwhelmingly in the favor of Democrats. However, I wanted to see just how many bills introduced by Republicans go on to pass both chambers and become law. Also, how often the parties work together on Bi-Partisan bills and how all of these metrics have changed over the years since 2007.

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Optimal Route to Every RI Dunkin'

Date Category Map Tags Map / gif

The closest path to every Dunkin' in the state from 3 specific locations. From the center of the state, the state airport and the state house in Providence. Through using pandas and requests to query GraphHopper Routing API locally.

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