For 2022Q2 and beyond I have created a seperate page / site for my quarterly campaign finance contribution & expenditure breakdowns. This allows me to make the process less time consuming and more consistant. The website is designed to providing aggregated information each quarter to track total money being raised & spent, changes in organizations and highlighting the top 25 candidates.

Not only will it be faster to create the tables, now that I don't manually create them, but it is also now much easier to add more information that I previously would have left out to prevent the posts from being too long. One addition that sticks out is the Records tab. This section shows a historial record of all organizations and ranks them regardless of the quarter.

This website is created with Javascript using Vue3 (Nuxt 3) for static site generation to pre-generate all the pages for faster loading. The css framework used is Bootstrap 5, I've always enjoyed bootstrap and having the new version without the jquery requirement works quite well.

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