First iteration of my web app COVID-19 dashboard. This dashboard provides information about the status of COVID-19 within Rhode Island. All of the data comes from the google sheet provided & updated by the Rhode Island Department of Health.The goal of this dashboard is to provide a fast loading, mobile friendly option to people wanting a daily digest of COVID-19 information.

After months of collecting COVID-19 data and visualizing the data with Tableau, I finally decided to bite the bullet and create a web app using Python, Flask and Bootstrap. While Tableau is great for making quick, beautiful designs and very simple to use. Having the ability to use CSS to completely change the look and scale things down to fit various screen sizes performs much better.

Future plans for the dashboard will be adding more datasets including:
- Nursing home data (RIDOH) and (CMS, fed gov)
- School data (RIDOH)
- Geographic data city/zip (RIDOH)
- Possibly universities at quick glance only a few have easily accessible data