Last year I attempted to make a live election graph in Tableau. However, Tableau Public only allows data to automatically update once every 24 hours. Clearly... that didn't work out well, so this year I decided to try again and create my first Python web app using Flask, Bootstrap and AWS.

Using Python & AWS, I created a web app to show live election results for Rhode Island. RI Board of Elections provides live results in json format I used Python to gather & clean the results and add it to an s3 bucket. The data is updated every 5 minutes, and the pages automatically refresh to show new information.

There are several sections, "Statewide" which will show all statewide races such as President, Governor or Congress. "Senate" which shows all state senator races, "House" showing all house of representatives races. "Local" which will show all election voted on within the chosen city/town and lastly "Custom" allowing you to pick and choose specific races you wish to track.

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