About this dashboard

This dashboard provides information about the status of COVID-19 within Rhode Island. All of the data comes from the google sheet provided & updated by the Rhode Island Department of Health. The goal of this dashboard is to provide a fast loading, mobile friendly option to people wanting a daily digest of COVID-19 information.

In development

This dashboard is still being worked on and will have more datasets added over time. A page including changes, fixes & updates will be added in the future describing the new additions. The data collection process & twitter bot is automated using Python. The dashboard site is currently generated using Flask and the CSS framework used is Bootstrap 4.

Data information

RIDOH | data collection & update process runs around 5pm and changes should take effect shortly after the twitter bot sends its daily post. Daily change is calculated using the current & prior reported period's cumlative totals. This causes Monday's to see a higher number due to no reporting on the weekend showing the total Fri-Sun all at once.

CMS.gov | data is updated once a week on Thursday (as of writing this) and provides data for the previous week through Sunday. So data reported on 9/23/2021 shows data as of 9/12/2021. All of the numbers are self reported and some providers appear to skip weekly vaccination numbers and instead report them in the following week. To avoid weird fluxuations (a drop from 8k staff vaccinated to 3k) when a provider does't report vaccination numbers I roll the previous weeks numbers forward.

CDC.gov | data is updated daily by 8 pm and provides detailed vaccination information for all states. This includes information detailing a breakdown by vaccine type, age bracket, number distributed and number of doeses.